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Phone: +255 024 2230989
Mobile: +255 777413630


In the middle of bustling Stone Town, within walking distance from the harbour, Zenji Hotel opened its doors  to welcome guests from all over the world in October 2008.  

Best of Both Worlds
The hotel is owned by a Zanzibarian-Dutch couple that tries to integrate the best of both cultures, with traditional Zanzibarian details but with Western comfort (such as traditional wooden carved Zanzibarian beds but Western size, friendly staff, real espresso coffee/cappuccino). The breakfast buffet is served on the Rooftop Cafe and includes fresh juices, brown and white bread, chocolate cake and jams (all homemade), egg of your choice, tropical fruits and (herbal) tea or espresso coffee/cappuccino. 

The Name Zenji
Zenji refers to Zenjibar, the name the Arabic people gave to Zanzibar when they first visited the island. It means 'the land of the black people'. Trade and business brought a mixture of cultures to Zanzibar: people from India, Europe, China and mainland Tanzania. Together they represent the vibrant, cultural atmosphere of Zanzibar today. For us, Zenji refers to all the local residents of the island.

Zenji Hotel involves local community and stimulates local economy
We believe that tourism can help fighting poverty. That's why we involve local community where ever possible: the furniture and handicrafts in the rooms are created by Zanzibarian craftsmen. The food is bought from local people or homemade by our chef. All our staff are from Tanzania. They are enthusiastic to work, but not all are able to speak fluent English. We feel it is important to give these people a chance and we (and they!) work hard to improve their skills by training them on the job.