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Visitors are picked up from their hotels to reach the stone town around afternoon for shopping. (for about two hours). After leisurely walks, boarding into the wooden boat begins near Tembo hotel. The boat is fitted with both a motor and a sail. Depending on wind blowing direction and speed, the cruising could either be heading north or south bound to get a good panoramic scenery of the city while the sky colors in the horizon start to change at the approach of sun setting moment. As the vessel plies through the water, the vicinity becomes clearly wonderful for photography. The general gold-like outlook and view offers an opportunity to experience the beauty of pictorial Zanzibar town as the sun rays vanish.

Next the crew will surprise you upon switching off the motor to hoist a sail instead at the time when drinks and snacks are served and shortly after the return trip starts. Arriving in the city, we will be the guests of a local Swahili family for a dinner. The evening special chosen is a combination of pilau with grilled fish cooked in coconut milk. Served also are cocoyams or cassava cooked with coconut along with fish cutltes, veggie samosas, sesame pan_bread and grilled chicken marinated in coconut sauce. The menu also includes cooked (ripe) plantains, eggplant sauce, miniature green aubergines and mixed masala tea. For dessert, there are jam buttonts along with spiced coffee.

Duration :Half Day.