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This tour exposes to you the real tropical feature and natural green picture of Zanzibar. Locals make a good use of the fertile land in practicing mixed food and spice farming, hence the popular name Spice Island which once gave the former Zanzibar Sultan an uncompromisingly strong economic superiority and prestige in the eighteenth century. It offers an ample opportunity to walk into those small family plots to see, taste and smell fruit and spice samples the farmers are used to growing for their livelihood.

The visitor will learn the methods and treatments traditionally employed from planting, harvesting, preserving and finally packing the available exotic spices ready for marketing. The most popular ones are cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms, pepper, vanilla and nutmegs. As Zanzibar is blessed with favorable weather pattern appropriate for food growth, the visitor will be amazed at the tally of crops cultivated. The season determines whether a carambola, durian, mango or rambutan is ready for a pick or if it’s otherwise the ripe moment for jack fruits or avocados. For those who favor bananas, they are guaranteed satisfaction as these are all-year–round available fruits. Other common scene is to watch a local person climbing a coconut palm for its fruits’ harvest, picking and/or processing medicinal, perfumery and cosmetic plants.

Duration : 3 hours