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This is a full day excursion encompassing history and localized agriculture occupation. It starts with a visit to spice farms. Considering the lack of balance between the growing populace against the limited land reserve, farming is consequently done in small holdings to which the popular spices, fruits and other foods crop are cultivated together (mixed farming). It’s thus no wonder the touch and smell of aromatic cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and all others will reflect, from the visitor’s mindset, a significantly localized lifestyle of the Islanders.

Later the trip reaches Mangapwani, the sight very close to a shore where, after the official abolition of slave business, some operators made effort to dig the coral ground into a storage pit for the purpose of clandestinely smuggling the unfortunate human commodity into the waiting vessels of new masters who later traded them for higher profits on other parts of the world.

Nungwi, a fishing village on the north is the final stop for the tour. Here the attractive white sand and clear sea water is very welcoming for swimming and sun bathing. The plan is to let everyone enjoy the beach at sufficiently long duration. Its’ an opportunity for visitors (if they so wish!) to take a walk around the village streets to see cultural life activities of the dwellers. Whilst still there, the entourage stops by a dhow building shade. Nungwi is reputed to be a village with skillful individuals apt in boat building technicalities using traditional hand tools. Normally mahogany wood is the one largely carved to give dhows their desirable shapes. Hand- made nails from local foundries are the ones used to secure the planks into places.

Duration: Full Day