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Prison Island is across Zanzibar main harbor and reachable by boat within hour an hour. Historically it was used as a control station for sailors and other visitors to whom the state had mandated to be inoculated against the then infectious outbreak of cholera and dysentery before being cleared to enter the main Island.

One will not miss traces of prison ruins which legends entail that the structure was built to its completion but the final decision to use it was later withheld for unknown grounds. There is an Aldabra tortoise shade long established to protect these endangered animals. Originally the species was introduced in Zanzibar around early 1900 from Seychelles. The island’s surrounding outgrowth provides safe shelter for different kinds of birds which are heard throughout.

The environment around is marvelously beautiful, more so with its calmness and tranquility. The surrounding shore by the entrance has snow-white sand and clear water to which swimmers and bathers are welcome to enjoy for a memorable outing. Present also are spots with coral reefs for snorkeling.

Duration Half Day