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This is a detailed full day trip designed to extensively explore the remote areas of Zanzibar so that the locals’ day-to-day cultural and economic activities are experienced. Initially it covers Kizimbani village on the central part. Geographically, this is a very fertile area viable for agriculture especially spices farming. Visitors will also see how a person climbs a coconut palm to harvest both the dried and tenderly young ones. For the dwellers of Zanzibar, coconut palms are regarded as blessed trees due to its wide versatility in products and uses. Dry coconuts are husked off and split to obtain the oil-rich inner part domestically used in cooking and frying local dishes as well copra production. Young fruits are widely sold as refreshments nearly everywhere in the Island. The trunk is sawn into planks suitable for all type of woodwork. Palm fronds and thatches are used as roofing material nowadays very fashionable in tourist resorts. They are also common in mat-making as well as local baskets. Next is a stop at Kidimni village whose specialty is the art of door carving. The wood workshop here is run by locals who are well skilled in designing variety of patterns many of which bear quranic inscriptions, common phrases or proverbs.

It later follows a drive to Mkokotoni fish market on the north-west. The interest here is to see fish species caught and how busy the fishermen get while unloading them from dhows in time to fetch higher bidders at the market as sells are competitively and noisily auctioned. A short distance away is another brief stop at a small foundry where a local village blacksmith is skillfully melting metal scraps to mould nails used in dhow building. The drive will proceed to Nungwi fishing village in time for lunch to be served on the beach followed by swimming and sunbathing.

After a long relaxation, there is a visit to Nungwi dhow building yard to see the technicalities employed in twisting wood planks to obtain desirable shapes, sizes and dimensions by solely using hand tools. Finally the tour ends up with visit to the natural turtle aquarium near the lighthouse before driving back. The project was established with the aim of spearheading the conservation effort to save these endangered creatures.

Duration: Full Day