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The Jozani forest is an examplary remnant of high tropical rain forest presently managed and conserved to maintain its biodiversity. The half-day tour to this area provides a valuable educative opportunity to explore its composition, history and ecology. Prominently, the most notable plant species is the existence of African red mahogany commonly used in boat making due to its strength and resistance against marine borers. Other secondary tree members include Eucalyptus, Indian almonds, wild figs, raffia and oil nut palms.

The forest is a home to endemic red colobus monkeys. These playful primates are so adapted to human presence thus providing ample time for photo snaps. One will learn the legendary tales about the mythical Zanzibar leopard whose existence in the Island is disputed. There is a mangrove board which by itself is another interestingly educative experience to get ideas about conservation lectures and efforts carried out as well as the ecological settings within the ecosystem plus facts on life interdependence amongst and between fauna and flora.

Duration 3 Hours.