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This is a newly detailed half-day excursion routed to cover the central parts of Zanzibar with a lunch package. The first stop is at Kidimni workshop to see different styles of doors being traditionally carved by local village people who use simple hand tools. It’s amazing how artistic the patterns look like after hours of hard wood-chiseling work. The technicians are experienced enough both in introducing new designs as well as perfecting orders as desired by new customers. Next is a visit at an old kiln once used to make copra from coconut kernels obtained from split stony nut. Commercially, copra is pressed to produce oil commonly used in soap manufacture, cooking oil and cosmetic products.

Visitors will next walk in spice farms to see how such crops are raised and tended. It’s the best opportunity to taste and smell samples of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger or cloves and to be attentive during a brief lecture on their uses. There is another interesting visit to a spice oil distillery in Mwakaje village. The cinnamon leaves and barks, lemon grass, lime, eucalyptus, clove and clove stems from adjacent farm provide raw material to produce oils of highly medicinal pharmaceutical value.

Swahili lunch is served under a shaded compound. It consists of grilled fish, pilau with a selection of enticed sauce of both tandoor and coconut. Present also is a local spinach from manioc cooked in coconut milk and the main fruit are bananas. Spiced plantains will be presented as dessert of the day and a cup of either ginger or cinnamon masala tea is there to relieve everyone’s traces of the day exhaustion.

Duration : Half Day